All new vehicles come with the manufacturer’s original warranty, however we do offer extended warranty plans as well as additional protection packages that cover items such as wheel & tire, paint-less dent repair, windshield repair, key replacement, Roadside assistance and much more.  Contact a Bridgewater Car Leasing Representative Today!

Amount due at signing or “drive off” cost includes all charges that require up-front payment in cash, such as taxes, official fees, deposits & first month’s payment.  The down payment amount is the only part that reduces  capitalized cost (amount financed), which in turn reduces the monthly payment amount.

As you may already know, lease contracts are not designed to be easily or inexpensively terminated before the normal end date. However, you do have a number of options available to you that could minimize your costs and headaches. Contact a Jersey Car Leasing representative today, as we would be more than happy to find you the best solution to terminate your lease.

If you move to another state with your leased vehicle, immediately notify your lease company of your move. This is not only to change your billing address and the car’s “garaged” address, but more importantly because sales tax rates may be different between your old location and your new one, the tax portion of your monthly payment may change — up or down.

You pay for that extra depreciation at a per-mile rate that varies by car company and vehicle model. Lower priced cars are charged at $0.15 per mile. Mid-priced cars are charged at $0.20 per mile and higher-priced cars at $0.25 or higher. Some luxury models charge $0.30 per mile. These rates are specified in your lease contract and are not negotiable.

No. Leasing is restricted to brand new car, not used cars — with the exception that used luxury cars may be available for lease by specialty used car dealers in some larger cities. However, leasing used cars is not recommended due to low residual values and high lease finance rates. 

Leasing requires that you carry and pay for liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance on your leased car. However, the amount of required insurance specified in your lease contract will nearly always be more than the state-required minimum liability coverage you might otherwise choose to carry on your owned vehicles. In that case, insurance for your leased car will typically be more expensive.

It depends. If your current car is paid for, you can certainly use it as a trade-in. Just be sure you know its fair trade-in value, and that the dealer gives you full credit when your lease payments are calculated. If you still owe on your car, you will want to get the “payoff” from your finance company and compare that amount to the trade-in value of the car. If the trade-in value is higher, you have “trade equity”.

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